The B.A. Papadopoulos LTD is a cheese unit that processes daily about five tons of goat milk collected from the producers the wider area of Paramythias. It has private manufacturing, packaging and storage.

Adherence to traditional methods of cheese production in combination with the highly skilled workforce of the company guarantee the excellent quality and authenticity of its products. In modern cheese factory production team uses technology to ensure a level of total hygiene and not to increase production at the expense of quality.

The first thing you notice when entering the room of the cheese factory is cleanliness reminiscent laboratory. At the comfortable facilities of the company, can be seen the combination of modern technology with traditional techniques. From the room with refrigerated tanks that receive fresh milk in ripening rooms hosting the feta for the required period of maturation. Mediate the halls with stainless steel pierced containers where placed and cut cheese and parts packaging and storage.

The members of the firm maintain long-term cooperation with the farmers of the area thus ensuring a consistent quality of raw material for the production of dairy product