ILIOTECH O.P. was established in Paramythia Thesprotias, Greece, in 2002 by D. & A.Tsipis
and G. Mastoras, with main purpose of its business the appliances of saving of energy.
The general activities of company, begin from 1990, where also the company has as basic
object the hydraulic installations, installations of heating and solar energy.
In 1995, is specialised in the stainless manufactures and concretely manufactures stainless
systems of transport of milk and SIP.
In 2002, and having the know-how in stainless systems and more general in systems of
alternative forms of energy, the company is henceforth renamed in “[Iliotechnothermiki] [O].[E].
”, where it continues also up to today.
Being first objective of company from 1990 up to today, is the distribution of solar energy and
more generally the extension of her activities in the sales of specialised manufactures of saving
of energy (solar heaters, collectors etc).

Additional Info

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  • Mobile: +30 6975851613
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  • Κατηγορίες: Solar water heaters