The company was founded in 1974. Based in Paramithia - Thesprotia in modern facilities and is engaged in manufacturing women's and men's knitwear.

The starting materials (yarn) supplied by the best Greek and Italian firms, the use of sophisticated knitting machines STOLL CMS, sewing knitting machines and specialized staff whom it employs, guarantee the excellent and qualitative production.

The long presence and experience in the area, the constant updates on the latest fashion trends and continuous investment in modern machinery rank it at the best manufacturers of knitted garments in Greece.

The company Viomark is aimed at ready made garments trading stores and generally all those who insist on quality and elegant dressing.



The facilities of company Viomark comprised of a private building and located in Paramithia - Thesprotia.

For the production take care, modern knitting machines STOLL CMS and sewing machines Brother, Yamato, Complet.

In the facilities of company operates design department equipped with the latest generation of Sirix computers where studied and designed knitted produces.

The facilities also include storage compartments capable of storing and protecting both the starting materials and knitwear, to keep in good condition and ensure the excellent quality that our company


On our site you will find all of our products at a great price and excellent quality, male and female.

Additional Info

  • Address: PARAMITHIA
  • Mobile: +30 2666023108
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  • Fax: +30 2666029178
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